PDAs and eBook Readers How-To (old)

This page is partially or entirely outdated: Please see current guidance in the help section.

One of the nice things about Project Gutenberg eBooks is that they can be easily displayed on virtually any type of computer. Because we insist, whenever possible, on a plain text copy of our eBooks, in addition to other formats (such as HTML), readers are guaranteed to have a file they can easily display and edit.

Of course, some eBooks have particular formats (such as audio eBooks) or languages/character sets that might limit display capability, but the vast majority are also available in plain text. As time goes on, Project Gutenberg is adding more HTML eBooks, as well as eBooks in XML.

A common request is to convert Project Gutenberg eBooks for display on various handheld computers: PDAs, eBook readers, Pocket PCs, etc. There are many different brands and models of these devices, with different versions of software. We cannot try to keep track of every possible device here, but most devices have one or more Web sites dedicated to their use.

The guidance on this page is for older types of devices. For smartphones, tablets, and eBook readers, see our Mobile Reader Devices How-to.

Here is some general guidance we have received from Project Gutenberg readers on those older devices and formats: