Submitting Errata, Fixes and Bug Reports

Errata reports, typos, etc. are welcome and appreciated. Please visit the contact information page for the current correct email address to send reports to.

It is important to report the full title, author, and eBook number of the text you are correcting. We have multiple editions of some texts, like Homer’s “Odyssey,” and unless you tell us exactly what eBook you mean we have to spend much time searching and guessing which file you were reading. It is important to specify that you are reporting errors found in the text, html, .mobi or .epub file.

It is usually easiest to cut and paste the line where the error is into your e-mail, with your comment.

A report for a typical errata list might look like:

The Odyssey, by Homer
         April, 1999  [EBook #1728]

      Line 884:
        back Telemachus, who bas now resided there for a month.
          "bas" should be "has"

      Line 1491:
        Ithaca yet stands. But I wouldask thee, friend, concerning
           "would" and "ask" are run together here

      Line 1563:
        in his father's seat and the elders gave place to him
           This is the end of a paragraph, and needs a period at end.

      Line 15346-7:
         'Hearken to me now, ye men of Ithaca, to the
         will say. Through your own cowardice, my friends, have
            I think there is something missing between "the" and "will"

But the following gets the job done:

      In Homer's Odyssey, EBook #1728,
      I found the following errors:

      Telemachus, who bas now resided
      change "bas" to "has"

      But I wouldask thee,
      "would ask" run together

      and the elders gave place to him
      needs period

      ye men of Ithaca, to the
      will say.
      line missing between "the" and "will"?

Or, even shorter and easiest to use:

      In Homer's "Odyssey," EBook #1728, I found the
      following errors:

      Telemachus, who bas now resided
      bas ==> has

      But I wouldask thee,
      wouldask ==> would ask

      and the elders gave place to him
      him ==> him.

      ye men of Ithaca, to the
      will say.
      line or words missing between "the" and "will"?

The common error of copying several lines or the entire paragraph which contains the error followed by the same paragraph with the error corrected makes it very difficult and time consuming for the editor to locate the error. Please use one of the errata report formats above.

On the other hand it is also important to give a long enough portion of the line with the error as there may be dozens of instances of a short phrase.

For example:

      to him
      him ==> him.

may take 10 minutes or more of the editor’s time searching for “to him” if there are 100 instances of “to him” in the eBook.

Experienced Project Gutenberg contributors may find that when there are a great many suspected errors it may be easiest all round just to submit a corrected version of the text and html files.

If you are a regular, and have used any of the standard Gutenberg tools like “Gutcheck” or “Jeebies” to find errors, you might mention something like: “Gutcheck finds a lot of bad quotes”.

When you are able to find the eBook’s title in an online eBook such as “The Internet Archive,” it is a great help to us if you verify your suggested changes and in your report let us know you have done so and the source used.

Any errata submissions are freely made, without obligation, and are entirely in the public domain.